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Terms and Conditions

1. Every quotation that we submit is valid for 90 days and is static within this period. If we happen to make a mistake and under-quote, we take the loss. The client will never pay more than was originally agreed for the service that was originally agreed, which is why we stipulate certain further terms and conditions.

2. The quotation incorporates all items covered in the client’s proposal/quote, including 1 material amendment to the original mandate. Additional amendments thereafter can incur additional costs. This does not include basic tweaking or minor changes that are required to achieve the desired “polish” on the site, which forms part of the original quotation.

3. Should the client not be happy with the design of the site (aesthetics and layout), any changes/ amendments/ alterations that are required to achieve the design that the client is happy with will bear no additional cost, provided that these do not constitute an amendment to the original mandate, in which case the limitations in point 1 above will apply.

4. The client’s quotation is of necessity based on various assumptions, which, if proven incorrect, may need the quotation to be revised. In such an event the quotation automatically becomes null and void and subject to a new quotation.

Assumptions are as follows:

4.1. All required graphics will be provided by the client unless otherwise agreed in writing. They can alot the job to us for that it will be charged extra.

4.2. The quotation does not include the loading of content which can be added via the client admin area. Should the client require us to provide this service, an additional cost per item loaded will apply.

4.3. The development of a dynamic website constitutes a Content Management System and allows the client to alter content easily via an admin panel. It does not however include the ability to alter the design, features or functions of the system via the admin area.

4.4. Copywriting (and copy typing) is not included in the site design fee, except to the extent of basic editing. Please note that this is not the same as copyright (ownership), which always vests with the client.

4.5. Graphics provided by the client will be of high quality and usable, failing which delays in timing and/or additional costs may come into effect, for which we may not be held liable in any way.

4.6. Any time periods quoted assume no delays caused by the client and may be extended to take account of any such delays.

4.7. Any time periods quoted are calculated from the date of receipt of confirmation payment and the receipt of all required information and graphics from the client. This information includes the completion of any questionnaire that we provide in order to clearly ascertain the client’s requirements.

5. Once the website has been developed it is uploaded onto the domain, but remains inaccessible to the public. This is to afford the client the opportunity to evaluate the site and request any tweaks or changes that fall within the agreement.

6. Once the site is approved, hand-over will take place. From the time of handover the client is entitled to an additional *60 days free support to allow for issues that may not be identifiable prior to handover. In this time further tweaks and adjustments can be made as long as they fall within the scope of the original mandate.

7. The free *90 day support is subject to the client meeting the requirements of clause 8 below.

8. A 50% deposit is payable as confirmation of order prior to commencement, 30% on complete developed product and the balance payable within 5 Banking Days of Quality Tested Completion.

9. Handover will take place after payment of the final balance due on the development fee.

9.1. Any delay and mismatch in payment terms may lead to or liable to project dissolution and rejection and the amount paid till date will be count as forfeited and non refundable.

9.2. As per payments to be made in company current account via netbanking, NEFT . or cheque. If Cash permits a cash voucher to be duly signed by client and company mutually to leave a track.

10. Dynamic websites are only developed if they will be hosted on one of the servers approved by us. This is to ensure that everything works 100%, can be properly maintained and that upgrades and security patches can be seamlessly applied whenever these come available in the future.

11. All interactive and dynamic functionality is backed by 100% guarantee and unlimited support for a period of 2 months after final upload, subject to the following:

11.1. Support does not cover the cost of any material changes that the client may require.

11.2. Support does not cover all aspects of user-inflicted damage. If a problem occurs because of something that the client has done, we are happy to assist wherever possible, but an additional fee may be charged depending on the time required to rectify the problem.

11.3. Support includes tutorials, guidance and full email and telephone support with regard to using the admin area and various features and functions of the site.