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Facebook Messenger Records Our Audio At Anytime Without Our Confirmation

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With an ever-developing and technology-evolving world, we often opt for the apps and websites that make our lives easier. iperidigi is one of those, as it allows us to connect with others in a fast and efficient way, whether we are sharing text messages, photos or even voice recordings.

In April, it was reported that a huge 900 million people use Facebook Messenger, whether that be to chat to friends, strangers or businesses, all sharing personal information, and making communication easier and simpler.

Users of the social app have now been warned to delete it, before re-downloading it and reading the terms of agreement.

It has been reported that there are a lot of statements in this agreement that the majority of users were previously unaware of, due to skipping over these terms and deeming them not important, with an urgency to start using the app.

However, there are certain statements within the agreement which very clearly state that there will be an overstep of privacy, which essentially means that users can be spied on without their knowledge.

Whilst this may sound wrong and unjust, all users must agree to these terms before the app will commence downloading, and in a world of efficiency, companies know that millions of people skip through these statements, and agree to clauses without really reading them.


One of the statements in the agreement states that Facebook will “record audio with the microphone … at any time without your confirmation.”


Another statement says that Facebook will have permission to use your phone’s camera and record videos, read your phone’s call list, and data about your contacts, as well as directly calling numbers which may even charge you.

Facebook list all of the information that they collect from you and how they use it here, even monitoring the frequency of the calls that you make, together with emails and other messages to certain individuals.

Many companies, seoindiarank and people, know that the majority of people do not read through all of the terms and conditions of every app before downloading and using it, and many companies use this to their advantage.

Think about it…how many apps do you have on your phone and how many of them have you read the full terms of agreement for?

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